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Biomimetic Composite Technology Enhancing Impact and Toughness Performance

The Helicoid™ architecture drastically enhances impact toughness, reduces weight and saves material costs compared to conventional composite laminates. 

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Helicoid Industries is gaining international recognition as a groundbreaking innovation in the composites market


Why Helicoid™ Technology?

Proven Results

More than 60 researchers at 16 universities, over 14 years, and almost $12M invested to develop the Helicoid™ architecture

Bio-inspired Technology

Nature have evolved to create highly efficient structural designs with outstanding toughness, strength, impact resistance and damage tolerance.

Superior Toughness

The Helicoid™ architecture disrupts the composite market by enhancing performance of all parts designed for toughness and impact resistance while potentially allowing further weight savings

Innovative Solutions

Helicoid Industries is working with key manufacturers to develop innovations in the protective and sporting goods, consumer products, automotive, defense, wind turbine and aerospace markets.

About Helicoid Industries

Helicoid Industries is collaborating with world leading composites parts manufacturers and composites material suppliers to develop innovations in the sporting goods, consumer products, impact protective equipment, ballistic armors, automotive components, wind turbine blades, naval, oil & gas and aerospace market segments.

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Helicoid™ Technology

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