Business Model​

Licensing to producers of:

Composite products and material manufacturers

Manufacture Helicoid™ materials via third parties


Faster and diversified revenues

Collaborate rather than compete​

Target numerous industries simultaneously​

Avoid multiple manufacturing facilities (capital intensive)​

Even after royalties to Helicoid™, there are significant cost savings to manufacturers (win/win)

Wind Turbine Blades

Leading Edge Protection​ against erosion (rain, hail, sand, salt, bird)​


Improve impact strength and​ reduce weight for Electric​ Vehicles, Formula One, and​ other automotive components​

Sporting Goods​

Improve strength and durability of sports equipment and​ protective gear​

Wind Turbine Blades - $33 Billion by 2025​

Helicoid™  reduces the weight while maintaining the strength and stiffness allowing for longer blades.​

Auto & Electric Vehicle - $13 Billion by 2025​

It takes less energy to accelerate a lighter object than a  heavier one. A 10% reduction in vehicle weight can result  in a 6%-8% fuel economy improvement.

Sporting Goods - $4.5 Billion by 2025​

Demand for high-performance  materials for lightweight and  rigid sporting goods.​

Constant and repeated  impacts are similar to blows  of the hammer-like club of  the mantis shrimp.​

Helicoid® helmets can reduce weight by 20% - 25%.​

Exit Strategy

Helicoid™ Industries is well positioned to be acquired by a major conglomerate or will target an IPO within 5 years.

Helicoid™ technology can make composites:​

Key Takeaways​



More Impact Resistant

More Durable​

More Sustainable, and​

All at a Lower Production cost

Helicoid’s technology will disrupt a​
$90B industry that is expected to grow to $160B by 2027​

Helicoid Industries already has the team in place for success!​

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