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Helicoid Industries has patented technology exclusively licensed and ready for commercialization in the composites industry. Steady R&D efforts with leading research groups has lead to additional patent application for Helicoid Industries. The Helicoid team is bringing this highly effective technology from the labs to superior products in the composites industry.

Our patented Helicoid™ material is available through our strategic partners, and we also offer licensing opportunities to producers of composites products and material manufacturers. Helicoid™ materials include Helicoid™ AFP 3D preforms, Helicoid™ NCF, and Helicoid™ Multi-plies UD prepreg rolls.

Helicoid™ Industries has patented technology that will result in:


Improved toughness and impact strength


Weight and cost savings at equal impact strength


Minimize through thickness crack propagation and damage


Higher in-plane energy dissipation enables thinner/lighter laminates

This Helicoid™ structure is a platform technology that can easily be applied to numerous industries that are constantly searching for lighter and stronger components.

Helicoid Industries provides support and know-how to customers evaluating our technology including layup recommendations, FEA simulations and prototype testing and layup optimization.  Contact us today to get started.

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