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Numerous prototypes have been produced, playability and in-field durability tests have been performed, and technology validation completed. Examples include:


  • Signed a 6-year contract for implementing Helicoid™ into composite hockey sticks with a global leading producer.


  • Completed design and development of a flax based pickleball racket.  Production and sales are anticipated to begin in Q3 2023.


  • Motorcycle carbon/epoxy helmets: 25% lighter with 6% lower peak acceleration (g-force transmitted to the head).

Our bio-mimetic Helicoid™ technology enhances toughness and impact strength of composite products and parts in the sports industry. 

The patented Helicoid™ layup can easily be applied to existing materials and utilizes current production processes for all products requiring light weight construction, anti-fatigue properties, impact resistance, and energy dissipation including; 

  • Sticks (ice, field, lacrosse, and others)

  • Rackets (Tennis, Pickleball, Padel, Squash, and others)

  • Bikes (Rims, Forks, Frames, Cranks, and others)

  • Helmets and Body Protective Equipment (Football, Hockey, Baseball, Ski, Motorcycle, and others)

  • Golf (Driver Face, Crown, Shafts, and others)

  • White Water Kayaks, sail boats, motor yachts, and others

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