The automotive industry continues to develop composites for lightweighting vehicles, driven by fuel economy and emissions regulations. The market is growing and continually looking for advanced bio-inspired and bio-derived material technology to reduce waste and carbon footprints. 


Combining our patented Helicoid™ technology with bio-derived materials addresses these concerns. Several composite parts on the market today are designed for impact strength and anti-fatigue, including: chassis, body panels, wheels, cross beams, crash boxes, hoods, roofs, fenders, pressure vessels and others. Utilizing Helicoid™ laminates and preform parts in components for automobiles will save weight and further lower CO2 emissions by providing a material architecture that provides equal or superior resistance to impacts, crash and fatigue thus lowering the amount of raw materials required to produce the part.

Helicoid Industries is working with several Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive sector to develop Helicoid™ material solutions for various components and parts in the bio and biomimetic research fields including flax and other bio-derived materials.