High-Velocity Impact Performance

Tailored helicoidal Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) laminates are capable of enhancing the high-velocity impact resistance over similar conventional cross-ply laminates which results in a +23% increase in the required perforation energy. 

The balance between formation of matrix splits, helicoidal delaminations and fiber failure is key for the enhancement in high-velocity impact performance. 


Studies performed on Helicoidal-inspired para-aramid fibre laminates of similar aeral density as CFRP did not reveal significant variations in perforation energy as pitch angle decreases versus cross-ply configurations.

As illustrated in the picture below, despite the slip-through mechanism, the bullet is intensively deformed indicating a positive back face signature below 44mm.

As a preliminary conclusion, the Helicoidal inspired laminates can offer improved performance. However the materials, dimensions, type of projectile, boundary conditions and other specific considerations have to be factored in and prioritized in order to maximize the benefits. Helicoid Industries works with our partners to optimize all these variables to achieve the best results for the specific application. 

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