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The benefits of the Helicoid™ technology for pieces and parts in the aerospace market include innovations for new lay-up sequences with the ability to highly tailor to specific requirements. Evolutionary Helicoid™ technology is ideal for retrofits, production upgrades and new aircraft designs. The Helicoid™ technology provides critical location implementation with improved durability and damage tolerance. Our patented technology will result in reduced weight, improved safety margins and reduced life cycle costs.


Testing completed at the University of California at Riverside has shown that the Helicoid™ technology improved dent-depth by 49% vs. other quasi-isotropic materials and had a 15% higher compressive strength after impact. These factors are highly advantageous to the Aerospace industry given the markets specific design drivers including: tensile strength, compressive strength, flexural strength, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and impact performance.

Utilizing the Helicoid™ in materials manufacturing is advantageous as existing qualified materials can be used with just a simple change in layup. Automated Material Placement machines can be used for large format needs as well as liquid molding with specialized non-crimp fabrics. 

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