Helicoid Industries™ has  patented technology that  will make all composites:​



More Impact Resistant​

More Durable

More Sustainable, and​

All at a Lower Production  Cost​

The Inspiration - The Mantis Shrimp​

The Helicoid™ evolved over hundreds of millions of years to become highly efficient and incredibly tough.​

Equipped with a hammer-like  club that performs and survives  rapid underwater attacks.

Faster than a .22​ caliber bullet​

Pulverizes its prey​

Internal structure provides  incredible protection

More Durable

More Sustainable, and​

All at a Lower Production  Cost​

Helicoid™ has emulated this ​ efficient architecture.


From Shrimp to Product - Nature Emulated​

More than

70 researchers​

16 universities​

14 years​

50 organisms​

$12M invested

to emulate the Helicoid™ architecture​

Patented by the UCR and licensed exclusively to Helicoid™ for commercialization (patent expires 2034)​

The Helicoid™ Architecture​


Sheets of parallel fibers are  stacked, and each layer is  rotated to form a Helicoid™


Helicoid™ Composite Laminate Benefits​

Delay catastrophic failure by​ 74%​

Improved impact strength by up to 50% (significant weight and cost savings)​

Increase maximum load bearing capacity by92%

Peak transverse load can be improved by up to73%

>100%  in-plane surface delamination (higher energy dissipation)​

20%  residual compression strength after impact

50%  through thickness damage reduction​


Helicoid™ Technology

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