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We are in a period of transition to an economy increasingly focused on renewable supplies and products with less social and environmental impacts. We believe that the search for reduced raw materials is an alternative not only to improve the management of production costs and processes, but also an important requirement of our current generation's values. Innovation and the search for sustainable solutions are essential to anticipate consumer trends, to develop a strong reputation for a brand, and to implement new ways of producing and developing products.

Helicoid Industries is committed to developing solutions that will improve the well-being and comfort of people, while reducing the socio-environmental impacts of composite products from their initial manufacturing to their disposal. Our goal is to help deliver the value-added products that consumers demand, but with less negative impact on the environment.

The key to material efficiency is to demonstrate that there is a consumer benefit. In composite production, raw materials typically represent over 50% of total production costs. Material efficiency is now more important than ever due to the scarcity of natural resources, and composite manufacturers are increasingly adopting a sustainable development profile. These efforts include; extending the lifetime of machinery, components, and spare parts as well as constantly looking to adopt new product innovations to replace previous products that consume greater amounts of raw materials. Emerging markets, such as Asia and South America are growing fast, which also means rising usage and cost of raw materials going forward. Considering all this, Helicoid Industries has positioned itself as an environmental solution provider with a comprehensive holistic approach.

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