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Helicoid Industries has partnered with world leading manufacturers in the defense market to develop our patented Helicoid™ Protection Solutions to meet the demands of this growing industry. Results have shown that the Helicoid™ technology, forces cracks to propagate helicoidally between fiber layers which creates a much larger surface area per unit crack, hence amplifying the total energy dissipated during impact. This makes our Helicoid™ Protection Solutions extremely effective against impact and ballistic strikes with lighter & higher protection through improved energy dissipation.


Helicoid™ Protection Solutions provide a variety of highly customizable options for ballistic applications offering numerous possibilities to tailor your solutions and get improved performance.


Helicoid™ Protection Solutions include:


Body Armor (Soft Body and Hard Body Armor Protection Solution)


Helmets & shields 


Military vehicle armor & Civilian vehicle armor 


Helicoid Industries Inc. was awarded the Defense Innovation Award at the Tech Connect Defense Summit & Expo in October 2019.

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