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Paul Myslinski
Principal R&D Engineer 

Mr. Paul Myslinski serves as the Principal Investigator (PI)
at HEL and is a United States citizen. With a wealth of experience exceeding 25 years in aerospace engineering, he holds the position of Principal Research and Development (R&D) Engineer at HEL. Mr. Myslinski specializes in Composite Materials R&D, demonstrating proficiency in design, manufacturing, and stress analysis of fiber-reinforced composites.  Possessing a Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech, Mr. Myslinski has contributed significantly to the aerospace industry throughout his career. His professional journey includes key roles at esteemed organizations such as Safran Aerospace Composites, CFAN, Texas Composite Inc., and Bell Helicopter.


Among his notable achievements, Mr. Myslinski has successfully led the Engineering and Research & Technology (R&T) teams during his tenure at Safran Aerospace Composites. His responsibilities encompassed comprehensive development of manufacturing processes, particularly in the realm of resin transfer molding for intricate 3D woven carbon fiber preforms.

Furthermore, Mr. Myslinski has played a pivotal role in the development of manufacturing processes for LEAP fan blades, fan cases, spacers, UHBR fan blades, spacers, platforms, OGVs, and RISE OGVs. His contributions extend to pioneering innovative applications of composite materials and spearheading initiatives focused on operational robustness.
In summary, Mr. Paul Myslinski's extensive expertise and accomplishments underscore his profound impact on the advancement of composite materials within the aerospace industry.

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